Hope you all found my previous post with the Holiday Packing Checklist handy!

A lot of you asked me what was on my packing list? What are some things I would highly recommend? What are the desert island must haves?

With dryness caused wintery conditions, or by long flights & high altitudes ,or by turning into beach bums if you're away for the holidays, your skin will take a beating. Having the right skin care products will help ease that skin stress. I backpacked in Thailand for a month & my little army was with me through out!

Tip: Purchase mini jars, spray & regular bottles at the beauty supply. I did find that buying the bottles individually instead of a set of travel sized containers helped condense everything accurately.

1) Makeup Remover: Wipes or Liquid Based is fine as long as it is removing dirt, makeup & oil without over-stripping the skin

My Pick: Dermalogica Precleanse

Available in Liquid & pre made wipes. It's not just a makeup remover though.This deep cleansing emulsifying oil thoroughly melts away impurities, makeup, excess sebum, sunscreen, waterproof makeup from the skin & removes even the toughest lash glue!

2) Cleanser: Go with something that clarifies & fortifies the skin, especially if you're travelling to a place with warmer temperatures. Make sure it doesn't leave your skin feeling like it's been stripped while looking for acne fighting are qualities if you tend to break out.

My Pick: Dermaquest DermaClear BHA Cleanser

This non-stripping formula is gentle but also irrigates the follicle with Salicylic Acid BHA & Citric Acid& reducing congestion caused by oil & pollution.

3) Hydrating Sheet Mask: This instantly adds plumpness, hydration, radiance & that youthful glow

My Pick: MaskerAide Facial Sheet Masks

This Paraben, Mineral Oil, Sulfate, Phthalate, Benzophenone, Artificial & Pigment free, Travel & TSA Approved sheet mask is an instant "Pick Me Up" and you can choose between the All Nighter, Beauty Rest'ore, Detox Diva, Pre Party Prep, & Weather Warrior! My plane rides are always accompanied with this mini face army, and comes individually or in a gorgeous clutch pack. **Coming Soon** to our online store! The cherry on top? They are 100% Biodegradable & Recyclable Packaging.

Also available: lip & eye mask sheets.

4) Toning Mist: Look for something which is Alcohol-Free..... please!

My Pick: Dermalogica Antioxident Hydramist

This is literally my holy-grail- personally & for my clients. Carry it in your purse, mist it mid day, even set your makeup with! Simply hydration-perfection! It is literally a shield that retains the moisture balance, firms and minimizes skin-aging triggers leaving you with that youthful glow all through your trip. You will not go wrong with this one.

5) Hydrating Serums: Hydrate, Smooth & Protect from the extreme wintery dryness by applying before moisturizer. Their delivery system is designed to rapidly penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin- even faster than moisturizer! Imagine if you piggy back them together.....

My Pick: Alyria Intense Hydrating Serum

I call this a "Drink of Water" for the skin which is a combination of the powerful vitamin B5 + a blend of other antioxidants which is known to prevent moisture loss over time which is good for skin elasticity by increasing it's ability to retain moisture naturally.

6) Moisturizer: Look for one that suits your skin type, and apply twice daily!

My Pick: Alyria Hydrating Complex

This non-greasy moisturizer may be a bit too rich for some, but it is perfect for those with slightly drier skin types (such as myself) and don’t want to compromise on the anti aging benefits. It creates an invisible barrier from moisture loss and can be worn under makeup. You can sometimes even skip the primer step before applying foundation and it helps keep it intact for hours on end!

7) Eye Cream: Wear it before going to bed to reduce puffiness in the morning and find one which you can wear under makeup which won't make your under eye concealer run all over the place. Tip: I also apply the residue around my lips for a light treatment!

My Pick: Alyria Revitalizing Eye Serum

This was a hidden gem I discovered after trying hundreds of eye creams. Not only does it firm, brighten, prevent fine lines and crows feet, this does not mess with the under eye concealer. Many others react with makeup leaving it chunky & settling into the eye creases. Not a good look! It’s got this super ingredient called Matrixyl which mimics the skin regenerative process and stimulates collagen production which keeps everything bright and plump!

8) SPF/Sun Cream: We all quite aware of the effects of UVA & UVB now days. For those of you that don't, here is a short list:



-Dehydration of the skin

-Premature Aging

-Damaged Cells which can result in Skin Cancer

Skin has memory and it knows to burn at the same location every single time! You are doing yourself a disservice by not protecting yourself from sun exposure. Yes, even in the winter! Tip: Your face sunscreen should be different than your body sunscreen.

My Pick for Face: Dermaquest SheerZinc Spf 30

This UVA & UVB protector especially guards the elastin protein in the skin which prevents aging, without that gross white residue!

My Pick for Body: Payot Sun Sensi Brume Activatrice et Prolongatrice de Bronzage SPF 30

It's simple, Protect, Sooth, Hydrate. Plus you will get a gorgeous all over glow if you're away for a winter vacation. Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Reapply through the day.

9) Lip Scrubs: This is a type of mechanical exfoliation, meaning it physically removes dead skin cells. Exfoliating is key to smooth lips and beautiful lipstick application as well as protection from the deathly winter or extreme sun exposure

My Pick: MAC Cosmetics Lip Scrubtious in Orange Flavour

This delicious tasting sugar based formula gently buffs away dry flaky skin while supplying immense hydration that helps protect your pout!

10) Lip Conditioner: Your lips are the most sensitive part of your skin and put up with a lot of wear & tear such as eating, drinking, kissing. breathing, talking, walking your dog in -15 etc. so it is crucial we give our hard working parts a little tender loving care. I recommend using something natural & emollient so that the fatty acids such as jojoba, shea butter, coconut oils penetrate through deep to repair the skin.

My Pick: Doll Me Up Makeup Lip Restore Conditioner (COMING SOON IN 2018)

This creamy and highly moisturizing formula is filled with Inca-Inchi avocado, grape seed, almond, & wheat germ oils along with Vitamin A + E & Shea butter. Packed with antioxidants, this rich conditioner has the power to lock in hydration leaving you with smooth, soft and healing lips in as little as one use. I personally don't go to bed without it as I use it as an overnight treatment as well!

Hope you all have a Happy New Year and Wishing You all Youthful, Hydrated Skin all year round!

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