The holiday season is here and a lot of us are ready to get away, visit family in another city and/or perhaps get some sunshine down south!

As an MUAH & a Beauty Enthusiast, I absolutely cannot live without my “essentials”(which are far too many) so I always tend to over pack, as I’m sure most of you all do :-P

We all have have packing anxiety even if we are just going away for the weekend. If travelling by plane, satisfying the “100 ml liquid container limit” rule is another struggle all together.

.........But aren’t the holidays about taking the edge off? Who needs this additional stress?

I definitely was feeling the stress, so called one of my girlfriends over to hang out while I figure out what to pack. Enthusiastic to help, she curiously asked what my skincare, makeup & hair 'must haves' are for the holiday getaway.

Isn't that such a tough question to answer? The response was EVERYTHING, however that's just not realistic for a weeks trip.

That unfolded into us creating a holiday packing checklist to ensure we prioritize what is needed …otherwise let’s be real, I would pack 7 eye shadow pallets and so would you…. Don’t even deny it.

According to a poll on Instagram from a couple days ago, 87% of my followers felt a holiday packing checklist would be very helpful, so I am delighted to share it with all of you & this way I get to spread the gift of a stress free packing experience!

Of course the beauty & skin care categories tops the list, but we added several additional items to make it an all inclusive list. Click Here to download your printable version.

Happy Holidays!

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