Aspiring to break into the beauty industry? Thinking about learning a new skill? Not sure how to go about it? If you’re aspiring to become a #makeupartist or a #hairdesigner there are several ways to do it. 1) Enrolling in a program at a beauty school: this will cause you to spend large sums of money and committing months of your time. Nothing wrong with that, if you’ve got the time & the money, go for it!

2) Watching a ton of makeup videos on youtube, buying a ton of product to figure out what works and practicing on yourself day in and day out. While that is actually a great way to learn, you are not getting your hands on various skin tones & different types of people. There is no one to watch over you and have your back, if you are not doing something right. By the time you figure out what’s working, what’s not working, which products are doing the job, you’ve spent a whole lot of time, ripped a pretty big hole in your pocket and racked up that credit card. Let’s face it, youtube makeup videos make you want to BUY BUY BUY!

3) Learn from an actual, experienced working artist (such as myself) who has years of industry experience educating several individuals and is committed to teach you what is actually relevant in the industry, and helps you develop your own style & signature.

There are several #selftaught artists, out there, and I am sure they are fantastic at what they do! Well, some…….. lol However, they too have acquired their skills from someone or somewhere- most likely from other makeup artists & hair stylists. I, Sonam Dee, have been a #trainer and a #beautyeducator since I can remember, so I have what they call “passion for passion”. This means, if you’re someone who is committed, determined and motivated to break into the beauty industry; you want to cut the fluff and get straight to the point, then the DMU 3-Step Makeup Artistry & Hair Design Program(s) is right for you. You can create your own class schedule, and have all my attention only to you!

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