Frequently asked questions

Do you have experience working with my skin tone and hair type?

Within the last decade we have been presented with various tones, conditions and types. We have all the appropriate products and techniques to work with clients who are deep, tan extremely fair, olive, oriental, you name it! We even have experience working with tattoo coverage, scars, acne & rosacea.
With regards to hair styling, we have worked with all types of lengths, densities, & conditions, extensions & wigs- synthetic and real hair! We ask that you collect photos of the styles you wish to achieve through an in depth consultation to ensure your hairstyle is beautifully put together & long lasting. For most elaborate bridal up dos, we recommend 20″ human hair extensions with clips sewn in. Clients will either provide their own or purchase our own line of premium clip in hair extensions from - use code DOLL20 at checkout

How long will my makeup last?

This is no joke, our clients have mentioned to us that they didn’t wash their face at night (which I don’t recommend doing), and their face has been intact the next morning! We use high quality products with the right techniques. In fact, we've created many of the products we use on our clients to ensure longevity. We also guide you through prepping your skin prior to the event, because we all know that caring for your canvas will result in a flawless finish! We also offer touch up kits for purchase.

Do you ever travel to your clients outside of the Greater Toronto Area?

We are proud to say that we have traveled the seven seas to doll up our brides & clients all over the world, from Dubai, Mumbai, Miami, to the Caribbean, we are happy to spread the joy through our work all over the world! Our clients fly us in to the destination of the events and arrange for all other travel/accommodations so we can do our magic. All details & terms are discussed & agreed upon during the consultation.

How can you manage working with big groups where the bride & the bridal party need to get all dolled up, all at once?

We allocate sufficient time for each person. However, in situations where the Bride & the Bridal party require makeup & hair services, our team of extremely talented MUA’s & stylists accompany us to ensure everyone gets dolled up! Kind of like our entourage!

What is the maximum number of clients a single mua or stylist work on during a given booking?

Usually one stylist/MUA can work on approximately 4 to 5 clients during a 4 hour booking slot. Therefore, depending on the size of your party, an appropriate number of service providers are scheduled. Bare in mind, the complexity of looks can also affect the time allotted per person, so we ensure to leave some buffer time in efforts to deliver a comfortable and luxurious experience. So if your heart desires an intense contour, glitter cut crease look, so be it! Of course, all these nitty-gritty details are discussed during the consultation and stated in the service agreement.

How early should I book Doll Me Up Makeup & Hair Services?

The earlier you book, the better the availability. There are only 52 weeks in a year, and dates do get booked fast! Typically bridal clients book 1 year to 3 months in advance. That is not to say that we can’t make things happen should you need to book a last minute service! It’s happened before where someone decides to get married in a week and we’ve done it. We’re passionate about beauty and want to doll up as many of you lovelies as possible!

How long does a full makeup & hair application take?

Bridal: Depending on how complexed the look, it can take approx. 3 to 4 hours Non-Bridal: It will take 1.5 hours to 2 hours for a full makeup & hair application. However, if a double glitter cut crease + a whole head of extension application is being requested, please let us know in advance so we can allocate enough time for that application.

How do I go about booking Makeup & Hair Services?

For Bridal bookings, a face-to-face consultation is highly recommended to discuss the theme, colours, outfits & jewellery of your big day(s). This can take place at a coffee shop, or at the Toronto office, or through skype if you’re from out of town! In order to deliver your dream look (whether it is soft-glam or my signature “doll me up” looks), your comfortability is what matters to us the most! And what better way to build this relationship than over a cup-of-Joe? For Non-Bridal & Group Hair & Makeup Bookings, a phone consultation will be held with the primary person in charge of the booking. We require a minimum booking of 2 people for hair & makeup services for us to travel to you. Either way, we plan & discuss all logistics to a T, and all of the details such at type of services, arrival time, ready time, pricing etc. are listed on a services agreement, signed by both parties.

Is a deposit required?

We require a 50% deposit, and the preferred payment method is cash. We also accept certified cheques & email money transfers.

Are deposits refundable?

Deposits are non refundable

When is the remaining balance payable?

The outstanding process is payable on the day (or before) of the event, prior to beginning the service. If you wish to add more clients during the booking, we will do our best to accommodate them if time-permits and it doesn’t conflict with other bookings after yours and add the additional amount to the remaining balance.

Do you offer trials?

We offer trials ONLY to bridal clients & once the booking is confirmed via the service agreement. We suggest doing a trial closer to the date of the actual event since skin types, hair color & outfits are finalized.

Pre Booking Suggestions & Instructions

Save pictures of makeup and hairstyles you like (or don’t like), on your phone or through magazines etc. We ask you to really think about what it is you don’t like about when you've had your hair & makeup previously done. This is extremely beneficial. We can combine & customize all your preferences to create the look you desire. Have makeup free, freshly cleaned, moisturized skin for your trial & event day.
Have your hair washed one to two days before the event date and have it blow-dried straight preferably without the use of any heavy, greasy products. If the hair is freshly washed, wet or damp at the time of the service, there will be a delay in schedule & the hair style may not hold as well due to the freshness of the hair. Make sure that you have tried and tested all your accessories & jewelry prior to the event day to make sure you’re not allergic to the material or there aren’t broken pieces that will require repairs & additional required. This can take away from the actual service time. Bring a part of your bridal outfit (veil) or blouses/dupattas as well as accessories with you to your consultation and/or trials. We suggest that you ask your designer to build in zippers & buttons which allow you to get in and out of your outfit easily without disrupting your hair & makeup, or you might have to keep it on while your makeup & hair is being done! We suggest you bring only one of your close family members or friends with you to the consultation. Having a large group of people with you can cloud your own judgment and too many opinions do spoil the soup!

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