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Booking Process


1. Get In Touch

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Email Address & Phone Number
Type of Services Required
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2.Booking a consultation.

Once we've received your inquiry, we will contact you to book a phone consultation. We understand that planning a wedding can be tedious and lots of preparation goes into putting it all together. Therefore, we want to make choosing Doll Me Up a fun and stress free process, while giving you all the personalized attention you deserve.  


Bridal Consultations allow us to get to know you on a personal level, and establish a good relationship. Here is where the fine details will be discussed. The dress and the theme of your wedding event play a huge role in selecting your hair and makeup look, therefore your specific needs & requirements will be addressed & this will result in determining the final pricing. 

We will also discuss potential trial or engagement shoot dates.


3. Completing Your Booking .

Once you are comfortable & ready to move forward with us, we will then draft up a client service agreement outlining everything discussed in the consultation - the pricing & the logistics of your event(s)

You will also receive deposit instructions as well as a calendar invite for your booking, so that we are all set for your big day!